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What is Cellpay?

Local and international calling made easy and secure.

We make calling easy, safe, and secure based on the budget that works for you. Our method has optimized national and international calling that connects through the recipient’s service provider using their local phone, saving money with a prepaid bill, and ensuring quality connection.

Experience calling as it should be with Cellpay.

How does Cellpay work?

No Hassle. All Quality.

With the reliability of modern technology and traditional phone lines, our services allow you the flexibility to call any phone from anywhere. Connecting through your local phone line means there is no need for an internet connection and no dropped calls. To avoid extensive international rates, recharge online using prepaid bill pay or invest in one of our wireless SIM card options. You can keep in constant contact wherever you are because we’ve got you covered.

Is Cellpay for real?

With prepaid bill pay for premium-quality calls to landlines and mobile phones, you pay based on your unique calling behavior. Know exactly what you’re paying for using Cellpay’s easy, reliable, and secure service. We make recharging your phone easier than ever, without requiring a lot of personal information.

Is Cellpay secure?

Send credits to friends and family using their local provider. Recharge your prepaid bill or set up a wireless SIM card for trusted service that’s seamless every time.

For a world without borders, get started with Cellpay for affordable calls at any time. It’s easy and secure.

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